Naomi and Wanda Holopainen are back. They are social entrepreneurs running the ATAÁ Agency, focusing on diversity, equality, and inclusiveness (DEI) in the business environment. They aim to normalise diversity by creating people-powered cultures that embrace vulnerability. With a strong experience in marketing, customer experience and HR, their focus and approach on DEI in the business environment is on organisations cultures. 


Wanda's interest is in enhancing intercultural encounters to facilitate teams and communities to discover synergies for innovation and competitive edge. Naomi is interested in social psychology to empower inclusive leadership that considers the diversity within organisations and teams. 


The duo invests a lot of time developing their way to approach consultations and workshops in a way that breaks the 'us' and 'them' setup to create cohesion instead of driving more polarity. Diversity is not only about how things "are," but also, most importantly, about how they are presented in institutions and elsewhere in the culture.